Here are more details and reminders...
Highlights at a Glance to Start:

  • 10-15 people will attend the event, but some are just there to listen and learn while others are there to participate and practice in front of the group.

  • For those flying, landing in either LAX or Burbank is 50 minutes from the actual property.

  • Here is the address: 333 Moonrise Drive Malibu, CA. Check-in is available after 6pm. The morning of check-out is 10am.

  • Some are staying at the main property but most are staying at hotels nearby.

  • Group Training runs 9am PST-5pm PST but there will be one on one meeting, photo shoots, practice sessions and coaching as needed.

  • One evening we will do a dinner that I will be treating you at a restaurant.

  • Food and snacks will be provided in the kitchen plus menus to choose from during various times we will be ordering in food to the property.  All eating preferences and eating styles will have options.

  • Monday-Wednesday is the main event and training. Thursday-Friday are scheduled times for photo shoots and on set filming.  Not everyone will be attending the bonus day sessions and not everyone will be attending the first 3 days of training because they already completed it previously.

  • Everyday Breakfast will be 8am-9am PST, Lunch will be at 12pm-2pm PST and Dinner 6pm-7:30pm PST.

  • We recommend that you schedule as little as possible during the week but as long as you are there 9am-5pm PST you will make it to all the group training with the first couple hours and first couple days being the most important since things build upon each other.

Everything you will need to know to excel at the program will be provided in real time at the event.  That being said, there are some things that help you feel more prepared and flatten any learning curve faster. Although this interactive workshop focuses in the areas of On Stage and On Camera training it involves a lot of wording and scripting designed to inspire action in every individual.  This training is helpful in discovery calls, enrollment conversations, you hosting asking questions, you being interviewed answering questions, you speaking in soundbites and segments, using props, multiple cameras, having a mic in your ear receiving direction in real time and even a teleprompter.

Things to consider in advance…(Not all of these might pertain to you right now and that’s ok)
  • Name of Business, Slogan, 3 Words and Action Invitations (Read first 45 pages of Word Genius)
  • Title of Show, Subtitle of Show, 3-5 things someone might learn or experience through your show.
  • Title of Presentation, Subtitle of Presentation, 3-5 things someone might learn or experience through your presentation.
  • Special Offer Details or Calls to Action that might include what you provide when people move forward with your organization or what you would like someone to do at various points in your interviews, speaking or training.
  • Your Core Stories that would help you attract the people you would love to serve most.
  • Your accomplishments and achievements that would help you quantify your expertise.
Although some are attending to listen and learn, others will be given opportunities to practice in front of the group presenting short soundbites and segments as well as interviewing and being interviewed by others on camera.  Some of this will also be done in front of cameras streaming live online.
Here are some attachments and links for you to review if you’d like to get a jump on more of what will be covered or used during the Top Talent Speaks On Stage, On Camera Workshop.
Photo Shoot Info:
  • Business casual
  • Bring makeup essentials
  • Solid color clothing
  • Props (your book(s), product, ext.)
  • 2-3 outfits
Things to Bring:
  1. Laptop
  2. Wardrobe for filming and photos
  3. Your book(s)
  4. Objects you might use as a prop when speaking or on camera
We look forward to seeing you soon.
This will be a great way to kick off 2022!
David & Isabel Fagan